Creating Opportunities while investing in you.


Support your community by mentoring entrepreneurs and helping young and innovative companies grow.

1) BCI continues the search to invest in the best businesses and products that Ontario (Hamilton, Canada) has to offer… BCI will give budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and potentially secure business deals that could make them wealthy, professionally and personally

2) Interested in investing and not sure where to start? This is an educational group which focuses on sharing knowledge and experience in finding and analyzing investments to create long term wealth. We meet on a weekly basis in a friendly casual environment.

3) BCI is designed to connect visionaries with potential investorsIt is an Ideal networking template for Start-ups and people with great business ideas to present themselves to those whom are looking for the right partner, and the right opportunity to invest their hard-earned capital in.

You are welcome to join this group if any of the following applies to you;

You are either:
*an established entrepreneur looking for your next professional venture
*an investor with ambition for your next investment
*interest in gaining a more diverse portfolio
*something unique to offer


The group was founded in 2013 as a way for investors to reach new markets and help entrepreneurs build something new and innovative. If you would like to (join or attend) one of our meetups please contact us. We reserve the right to limit the number of people. Currently, we are looking to deploy capital in equity within the next several years in companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Industrials, Food, Packaging, Distribution, Logistics, Consumer and Healthcare
  • High-quality management willing to stay and invest
  • Significant and identifiable growth potential
  • Anywhere in Canada

BCI offers a range of investment strategies designed to help investors meet their financial objectives. These strategies are available in different structures ranging from commingled funds to customized accounts. Across the strategies, we add value through adherence to strict investment and risk management procedures, as well as a commitment to ongoing research and innovation.

We believe your clients expect you to do four things with excellence: advise them on helping to achieve their financial goals, invest their money wisely, manage their portfolio and your practice effectively, and report back to them how they – and you – are doing. That’s our business, helping you deliver the highest levels of service and performance.

In addition, BCI will help with the Industry Analysis
One area of focus we need to discuss, is what will BCI offer their clients aside from money. We should discuss the idea of assisting them in creating an effective business plan, give insight into a strategic analysis and what your experience can offer them. Most of all, discuss how all of your expertise, experience and services are free to them. This is the pivotal point of creating a connection with potential clients. You are giving them money, which is great. However, they need something more that will separate you from banks, other investors, etc. It is an opportunity you are trying to create, not just a quick profit. Since these investments will take years to produce, you will want to have strong relationships that will get your through the hardships and help produce the positive outcomes.


Below is a complete hierarchy process of what will be involved process to our investment/offer is processed. Please read through the listing to better understand what is involved. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

1. Application

Check with the BCI web site to determine what documents are required initially. Many groups want the executive summary of your business plan, while others have an application form.

2. Pre-Screening

When the BCI receives a completed application, staff or a committee of members reviews it quickly to determine if it meets the groups general requirements. The pre-screening will eliminate applications that are incomplete, don’t meet the organization’s minimum requirements, or does not comply with the investing preferences of the organization. Expect one or two weeks for the pre-screening process.

3. Screening

Once an application has been accepted for review, a group of staff and angels review and further define the opportunity. If the entrepreneur passes muster at this stage, the organization may select a “champion” for the opportunity and create a due diligence committee. The BCI group may ask for your full business plan in this stage and some groups hold meetings with the entrepreneur during this stage. In general, about 10 to 25 percent of all entrepreneurs who apply reach this stage. Screening is usually completed within another one to three weeks.

4. Investment Meeting

The entrepreneur is invited to make his or her pitch at a meeting of all members of the BCI organization. A question-and-answer session follows the founder’s presentation. Members discuss key issues about the company and determine initial interest in making individual or group investments after the entrepreneur leaves the meeting. Such investment meetings are usually held every month or two.

5. Due Diligence

A team of members interested in investing and specialists with knowledge of the industry under consideration conduct a thorough check on you and your business. The objective is to validate the business plan, including the management team, market opportunity and amount of funding required, and to negotiate a term sheet, thus placing a value on the investment. A further cut is made: 25 to 50 percent of the companies that reach this stage are actually funded, and the process can continue for two weeks to several months.

6. Term Sheet

If the group chooses to invest in your company, they will negotiate with you a term sheet, a document that guides lawyers in preparing investment agreements and which determines the relationship between the company and investors. Sometimes angel groups will begin term sheet negotiation during Due Diligence.